Why I Link To Powell's

I've been thinking for a while about linking to some affiliate program somewhere; I get a fairly large number of hits for a personal website (about 100 a day to the hacker FAQ alone), and I've been thinking it would be cool if this hobby paid for itself. Unfortunately, most of the affiliate programs I was aware of are run by scumbags. Link to Spamazon? Not likely.

Then I noticed that Powell's has an affiliate program. I like Powell's. They're honest. The service is good. And, perhaps best of all, they have an opt-in standard on all email that they send. You want to be on their mailing list? Go sign up for it. This is the way it should be done.

So, I decided to start putting links to their site (and to specific books) where I think they're appropriate. If you're offended that I'm supporting online commerce, well, tough. It's my page. Make your own. :)

Oh, one other thing: Wanna buy books? Use this convenient search form:

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