Bonsai Kitties

Learning from Our Mistakes

Informal Upright

Here's the pictures that didn't quite turn out:

Here, Maya has failed to realize there's a laser pointer behind her; she's trying to figure out what I'm doing with the little box that makes the whirring noise. Next to her is a Beanie Baby octopus.

Oops. The laser pointer was supposed to be out of reach so she'd stretch to reach it; I forgot that she can climb on the faux bricks the morons who owned this house before us put up. After this, I switched to trying to get her to reach up near the doorway by the shelf, instead of the back wall.

Elegant Imbalance

The first picture I got was really good, but too blurry. No, I didn't put my cat in the sink; he jumped. Some time this summer, he's quite likely to curl up in one of our ceramic bathroom sinks; it really does look like he grew there, and if I can get that shot, I'll likely use it instead. I still like the cat sitting in the sink thing. He's crazy.


Kitty Bookends

I wasn't going to try to get Bacchus to pose, but he happened to sit next to my books, and I liked the composition.

Wow! That looks really painful, becuase I have a spine, and because (as of this writing) I have a really stiff neck from sleeping funny or something. But I guess he liked it; he did this several times while I was trying to get the shot I wanted.


Apart from my wife's hands being visible, this would have been a great shot of a cat supporting some books by leaning on them. He was watching a bug, which I think he was about to pounce on, which is why Jesse was petting him to encourage him to stay.

As with the other Bonsai Kitten site, these are pictures of cats doing what they do best: Fitting into small spaces that we would never dare attempt, because they like to do it.