These are a few of my favorite links...

Quick summary: I have links to cool organizations, things of personal interest to me, and stuff about corporations and how they affect my life.

Organizations I Like

These are the happy links - things it makes me happy to remember or look at. Things I use. Things that are a reminder of why this whole "web" thing is a good idea.

Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign
Contrary to popular belief, spam has never been a free speech issue. These people can talk to you about real free speech issues.
A free Unix-like system, derived from 4.4BSD. Runs on more computers than anything else I know of. Good stuff.
Anti-Spam Resources!
We have a small handful of these:
One of the first real anti-abuse pages.
The home page for FREE
Once a fake name inserted in spam by cruddy forgery software, now a powerful force for good.

Personal Interests and Info

Cool links, what else?

Operation CLAMBAKE
Ever wonder what Scientology is? Ever wonder what organization produced the woman who tried to sue the internet? Well, here's all the info you're likely to ever need. Great stuff. And, unlike the CO$, they'll be happy to let you confirm their claims with independant sources.
Dave Leppik
An old high school chum made good, he has a cool page with some neat links.
Amish Queers on the Internet
You'd be amazed how many hits this gets.
Send me free stuff!
I get even less federal funding than public radio. Please help.
The Rudest Thing Anyone's Ever Said To Me
What else can I say? It's not really that interesting, but if you're into stories of horrifying rudeness, it might be worth a look. Otherwise, you're better off reading the comics.
My Mom's column
My mom is a columnist; her column always makes for good reading.

Corporate Contact

We all encounter companies, daily. Here's how we fight back - we talk about them.

I dislike many companies which advertise on Usenet. Find out why. (Includes tips on how to get less junk mail!)
How To Get My Money
This is an attempt to tell the clueless morons who are running these companies what they should have known all along.
Corporate relations
Stories, good and bad, about customer service throughout the world.
Jayne Hitchcock
A woman being horribly abused (spurious lawsuits, forged spam in her name, and even death threats to her lawyer!) by a scam outfit. Worth reading. If you have some spare cash, consider donating it to her fund; it's a worthy cause.
My new ergonomic keyboard!
Stuff about the Kinesis keyboard I got on March 6th, including a log of getting to know it. Summary: it's great.
Spanlink Communications
My former employer. A nice company, with some very cool products. Mostly computer telephony.

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