What's that strange yellow thing in the east?


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One of the wonders of being a freelance writer and consultant is that there’s almost never any reason to get up in the morning. I am one of those people who, allowed to drift freely, gets up around noon most days. Today, I had to get up a whole two hours early to begin the interminable wait for a delivery truck - which may or may not come in before noon anyway.

Today’s new toy is a gigabyte of additional memory for my poor overloaded Mac. 768MB is a lot for a machine that runs bookkeeping software and a few video games. It’s a very small amount of memory for a machine that’s scanning images at 2400 dpi, let alone a machine that’s trying to stitch images together. This, of course, feeds into the online store project - a couple of the pictures we want to use for posters and such are too large for the scanner’s bed, so we need to scan them in in parts.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to find out what sort of discounts the Zaurus developer program offers. The Zaurus is the coolest toy ever, and I want one.

Yeah, an entire blog entry about all the toys I want. I’m shallow. :)