I hate it when they do this.


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We may also use the Personally Identifiable Information you provide to (a) administer and manage your account, (b) pay commissions to you, © include you on mailing lists and © advertise and promote our services.

What’s that supposed to mean? I mean, apart from meaning “we don’t proofread things before we post them”.

This is part of CafePress’s newly updated privacy policy. It says, later, that they allow opt-outs. It says that you may opt out when you register.

So… If they intend to always ask for permission, why not phrase it as an opt-in thing, and say “send you only those advertisements you request”? Well, if they’re anything like lots of other places, it’s because the Lure Of The Dark Side has enthralled them, and they are about to start spamming.

We’ll see. The new privacy policy takes effect on July 1st. I have already heard of two questionable mailings involving these people; let’s see if they do a big fat spam run. If they do, I’ll obviously have to remove the shop… but it’ll be interesting to see whether there’s any feedback. After all, a lot of blogs and comics do CafePress.

Isn’t it nice to think that everyone who has ever bought a t-shirt from you has an address which is now in the hands of people who feel they have the right to unilaterally change their privacy policy? Isn’t it nice to know that they’ve made a clear committment to opt-out, also known as “spam”?