Junk faxes: Back to the grind


Categories: Spam

Well, it’s been a while, and I had to replace my scanner…

But here we are. 1,293 unsolicited advertising faxes. I have a database program I’ve been working on that will, in principle, let me file them and then search the database for faxes by remove number, or callback number, or whatever else.

What that means is, it’s about time to get back to pursuing these actively. When I started this, I had maybe seven hundred faxes, give or take. I’m still getting them. I’ve lost count of how many suits we’ve settled or won at this point; it’s been a lot. And they’re still faxing, so it looks like I get to sue them some more.

Some people might dodge some bullets. The recent amendments to the TCPA’s anti-junk-fax language create loopholes for certain abusive companies to keep sending unwanted faxes, but for the most part the faxes are still just as illegal as they were when the law first passed in 1991.

I’m also finding some old stuff worth working on; for instance, one of the companies I settled with submitted forged documents in discovery. I might have some fun looking into those in greater detail. I think just about every junk faxer I’ve dealt with has told at least one obvious lie in discovery answers; maybe it’s time to do a review of the state of perjury in modern America.

But in any event, the faxes are nicely scanned in, and in a few days I hope to have a searchable database. I may make some of the data available online, too.