Gevalia: Spamming scum


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So, Kraft’s subsidiary, Gevalia, are spammers. Boy, are they spammers. They’ve been actively spamming the whole internet for years.

They now have an unsubscribe page.

Yes, that’s right. They even call it “spam_unsubscribe”. Because, see, unlike some companies, who at least feel enough shame about their abuses to lie about them, or say it’s not spam, the Gevalia people know full well that what they are doing is spamming.

The page makes the usual false statements about people have “registered to receive information and promotional messages from various advertisers”, but the name of the page, alone, tells the truth: It’s spam. They know it’s spam.

You would think that a company like Kraft, with actual products people are willing to pay for, would know better. But then, Gevalia’s products don’t have quite the reputation for culinary mastery that you get from, say, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Comments [archived]

From: Janice
Date: 2006-08-10 12:47:36 -0500

Try getting a “free coffee maker” from Gevalia, along with some samples of their crappy, overpriced coffee. Their snail-mail campaigns are relentless. I swear they send two letters a week for the next year or so after you cancel. I only did this once, when I was young and desperate. Now I’ll just pay the $20 for a new coffee maker, and skip the marketing mess.