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So, Frys Electronics seems to have bought the ancient “Cyberian Outpost” web store.

Including the spam list.

In April 2000, six and a half years ago, I ordered a part from them. So far as I can tell, from my records, it was backordered and never even got delivered. (At least, I show a return two months later.)

Today, I got spam from them. Now, you might argue that somehow it’s not spam for a company I haven’t done business with in over six years to send mail to an address that specifically asked not to receive mailings. They disagree:

Received: from CYBHQSPAM02 ( [] (may be forged))
        by (8.13.7/8.13.7) with SMTP id kAPNGoNA024755
        for <SEEBS+OUTPOST@NOSPAM.PLETHORA.NET>; Sat, 25 Nov 2006 18:17:14 -050

Yes, that’s right, the machine sending this junk is named “CYBHQSPAM02”. It’s the second of a batch of spam sources. The 10.x address may seem “forged”, but in fact, it’s just an address on their internal network; this machine delivered the spam run to one of their real outgoing servers.

So, yeah, it’s spam.

To add insult to injury, here’s the entire text of the spam:

Thanksgiving Sale!

See, someone particularly offensively stupid decided that, rather than sending only a pure-HTML message, there should be some kind of plain-text version of the message. Since my mail client doesn’t do HTML by default (cuts down on… you guessed it, spam), that means I just see the plain text. Rather than enclosing the actual text, or some portion thereof, or even a pointer to their site, or something like that, they just included the text “Thanksgiving Sale!”. No explanation, no contact information.

The HTML version has opt-out instructions, of course, as most spam does; they contradict the instructions given on the company’s website.

Pathetic. But hey, at least now I will never again complain that there’s no Frys near my house. Spamming idiots.

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From: beoba
Date: 2006-11-26 01:29:41 -0600

That’ll show you to give em money! hah!

From: tubby
Date: 2007-02-07 18:26:23 -0600

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