Bye, Newegg. We liked you when you were still good.


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So, Newegg started sending spam.

Yeah, real spam. As in “we bought lists from third parties and sent junk to them”. And when they got complaints, they said oh, that’s okay, Newegg’s spam is compliant with CAN-SPAM.

Well, that’s nice for them, I guess they’re not illegal or anything. They’re still not a company I’ll ever do business with again. This is not rocket science, people! The decision table looks like this:

Did you get that address from its owner, who gave you permission to send mail to it? If yes, that’s good. If no, that’s spam. Seriously. It’s that easy. This does not require fancy database activities, it does not require a genius programmer to configure or build. All you do is not buy addresses and send spam to them. Seriously. It’s that simple. You don’t have to do anything hard, you just have to not do something obviously sleazy.

Opt-in or gtfo. Newegg’s choice was not “opt-in”.