Priorities and importance


Categories: Personal Spam

Places say “your privacy is important to us, please allow ten business days for your opt-out request to be processed.” Lies.

If it takes you longer to process an opt-out request than it takes you to process a credit card charge, privacy is not important to you.

In order to process a credit card charge, you have to manage transactions between at least two, probably three to five, large international companies each governed by multiple sets of regulations, none of which own each other or can control each other’s infrastructure, and you have to do it with 99.999% reliability or better in less than twenty seconds. This, of course, is done so consistently and reliably that we take it for granted. It is done because it is actually important to companies.

Processing an opt-out request is, absolutely, for sure, easier than this. If it takes more than twenty seconds, it is because it is not actually important.