The Apparently-Unrelated Statement on Marriage

As the developer of the Miracle Modus, I want to make it totally clear that I am firmly convinced that gay marriage should be legal, period. Not some crazy compromise solution, just let couples get married regardless of gender.

You might wonder why I am bringing this up. The answer is simple; I am hoping I can get one of the various anti-gay groups like the so-called "One Million Moms" to announce a boycott of my products. I don't have a marketing budget, and I feel that this would be a good way to get some media attention.

And yes, I really am serious: I think it is disgraceful that this is even a question. I once had occasion to read a list of statements people had made opposing a change to marriage laws. The trick was to figure out which had been written in the 2000s condemning gay marriage, and which were from the 1960s condemning interracial marriage. They were impossible to tell apart.

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