Old News


I added some photos of my experiments with Cat Bonsai. (I just updated this again, I now have pictures of three different cats.)


I recently got a new car - a Honda Insight. Read about my (positive!) experiences.


Someone thoughtfully translated the Manager FAQ into Japanese. Thanks! (For those who have forgotten, the Manager FAQ first appeared in IBM developerWorks.


One week ago, my Psion Series 5 finally fell prey to the too-common random cracking of screens that seems to plague the units. After years of loyalty to Psion, and firm belief that their PDA's would continue to be the best, I broke down and bought a Handspring Visor Prism. Here's the story of How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Palm.


In a show of abject futility, I've decided to add a webcam to my page. Sort of. I have a camera, I will occasionally turn it on. When it's on, it'll generally be pointed at, oh, anything I think looks interesting; currently, it's pointed at a little piece of dyed fiber optic, in a room where I'm about to turn out the lights, so it'll be really boring. I will try to remember to leave the clock overlay on it all the time.

I would like to express my admiration for the people at Evological, who wrote the software (Coolcam) that I'm using. It's a very good piece of software, unlike the abysmal crud the camera came with. Well-behaved, moderately flexible, cheap, and well-supported


My spouse has created a web page.


The Hacker FAQ is local again, and so is the Manager FAQ! Thanks once again to IBM's DeveloperWorks for supporting the writing of the Manager FAQ.


I found a copy of the article I wrote in 1996 about how I learned to program!


Whoever won, the election results should be allowed to stand. Gore is behaving like a spoiled, petulant, child, and, even if he "wins", will have done so at the expense of the fragile remains of our national unity. He has shown, once again, that he is unwilling, unable, to demonstrate the self-restraint we need in a President - but even so, if the ballots cast show that he won, Bush should concede, because fighting over the election does us no good at all.


New opinions piece. I endorse Bush. Yeah, he's got problems. Gore's got worse problems.


I recently acquired a new cellular phone, and it didn't come with any sort of belt clip. So I bought one. This innovative device snaps into place, and then allows the phone to swivel. Since it is a swivelling lock, the company inventively named it after these features; "SwiveLock".

Unfortunately, it turns out that this is a bad time to collapse the two L's, because this name can also be read as "Swive Lock". For those who have never had occasion to run into it, "swive" is also a word (if a somewhat rare one) in English. To quote the OED:

Swive v.[etymology and pronunciation snipped]

1. trans. To have sexual connexion with, copulate with (a female).

2. intrans. To copulate.

I didn't know Sprint sold chastity belts.


Another translation of the hacker FAQ! This one to Slovak. Link is on the FAQ page.


I've been published! C Unleashed is now in print.


IBM DeveloperWorks has kindly printed a much-improved version of my old How To Get My Money. The new version is now available from my opinions page.