The (bitrotted) seebs Home Page

"halfheartedly seeking a slogan for the next century"

This is the old index page.

I'm redoing the site by bits and pieces. This is an old index page that's sitting around so stuff doesn't get lost too much in the mean time.

Welcome !

You may find something of interest here if you program, especially in C, or if you don't like junk email. No porn, sorry; there's always tumblr, I guess.

If you ever lose this page, it appears that Google is smart enough to find it if you ask it about "seebs".



This may be the last "news" item for a while: I've decided to put up a blog, conveniently located right over here. This is one of the few things that will differ between the and versions of this page.


Added a page showing my shiny new keyboard.


My programming page has a new version of my utilities package which works on Mac OS X.


I finally got around to adding a list of my hacks to my home page. Well, recent ones, anyway.


I'm spending more and more of my time writing. I've gotten up through about 12 columns so far at IBM's developerWorks page; I write about usability. (And yes, I do this freelance, so if you need stuff written, go ahead and drop me a line. Warning: It costs money to have me work for you.)


I have moved all the old news notices to the Old News Page.

My Writing

I write a semi-regular column for developerWorks called The Cranky User. You can read most of my old columns in this local copy of the cranky user. (It isn't always kept up to date.)

Will Work For Toys

I can always find an excuse to buy more computers; this costs money. If you want to help with my computer habit, you might think about paying me to do something. I write, I program (C, perl, and sh), I explain Unix, and I can build BSD-flavored computers from parts. I'm really cool. I do not want to move anywhere or commute. You might get a kick out of my resume – but recruiters, stay away.


What's a web page without links? Being something of an old fogey (I turn thirty before the end of the millennium), I remember when the world wide web was thousands of lists of pages, each being a list of pages. You could search for two or three hours without seeing any original content. A fine tradition; I am proud to uphold it. However, to free up space, I'm moving the links into a separate file. Go here for the links.

Local Content

Here are things you can find on my web page. I've got programming-related stuff, humor, and faqs. I have written a couple of short essay type things, but I haven't gotten them organized; eventually, they'll be nicely set up. In the mean time, you can look at the embryonic opinions piece section, or my even more embryonic reviews section. I even have some music.

And, of course, as a way of retaliating against companies that have bugged me, or supporting companies that have been nice, I have info about corporations I like and corporations I don't like.

Fund This Page

If you like this page, or the material on it, you can send me free stuff, you can hire me for consulting, or you can buy books at Powell's. Or do a couple of these. No obligation; this is free. Another thing you can do is make some free things of your own. Contribute to the community, it's worth it!

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